Katy Perry的Hot 'N Cold的歌词

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you, you don't really want to stay, no

got a case of a love bi-polar


you're hot then you're cold

it's black and it's white

now your plain boring

stuck on a roller coaster

i should know

you're not gonna change

can't get off this ride

you're up and you're down

that you're no good for me

cause you're hot then you're cold

i would know

used to laugh bout nothing

always speak

yeah you, pms

we fight, we break up

like a bitch

you change your mind

we used to be

now's a dead battery

just like twins

like a girl changes clothes

you're wrong when it's right

so in sync

the same energy

you're yes then you're no

you're in and you're out

i should know that

you, but you don't really want to go-o

and you always think

we kiss, we make up

someone call the doctor